Trunk lock for 1963 Chrysler

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Mark Rumble
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Trunk lock for 1963 Chrysler

Post by Mark Rumble » Tue Aug 06, 19 7:43 pm

Packing up on Sunday to come home from Santa Pod my trunk lock decided to give up on me.. key turned to open the trunk but wouldn't return so I had to take the barrel out so that I could close it & I'm now having to use a scewdriver to open the boot!
Any chance anyone has one that will fit?I've found trunk & glove box sets on US Ebay as they share the same key & seem to be the same 1960-65 with the key off centre & straight bar although some with centre key have staggered bar so may also work if that makes sense.. I've attached a couple of pics of the rogue lock!
Thanks in advance 8-)
20190806_194122.jpg (66.28 KiB) Viewed 362 times
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