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by MattH
Fri Oct 23, 20 11:39 pm
Forum: Bodywork, Chassis & Suspension
Topic: Information
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Re: Information

morgan wrote:
Wed Oct 21, 20 10:01 am
Good news. He'll transform it.
Most definitely, knows his stuff.
by MattH
Tue Oct 20, 20 8:41 am
Forum: Model Cars and Kits
Topic: Lego Charger
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Re: Lego Charger

I got this for my birthday, not started yet, only just finished the speed demons challenger and charger set.
Been a bit busy on full size cars.
by MattH
Tue Oct 20, 20 8:18 am
Forum: The Mopar Lounge
Topic: Random Pics...
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Re: Random Pics...

Mark B wrote:
Mon Oct 19, 20 6:25 pm
Six years ago at Speedfest. That was the Challengers first event, having dropped a UJ the night before and hastily borrowed one off the Aussie Charger.
by MattH
Fri Oct 16, 20 9:12 am
Forum: The Mopar Lounge
Topic: Superbird FaceBook conundrum
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Re: Superbird FaceBook conundrum

Interesting thread this from 9 years ago, which shows the car that is coming up at auction, when it was at Goodwood.

Thanks Paul R for finding the thread.
by MattH
Thu Oct 08, 20 8:58 am
Forum: Australian Cars
Topic: Missing Val's....
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Re: Missing Val's....

That is not as bad as I expected, the list of Aussie cars is not huge and the pics cover a big time span.
I remember a green VH estate that I tried to buy, but he wouldn't sell then bangered it, that could be the one here, 2005 would be about right.
by MattH
Thu Oct 08, 20 8:41 am
Forum: Cars
Topic: 1970 Charger 500
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Re: 1970 Charger 500

Sounds quite cheap, depending on what state it is actually in now. 70's are that bit cheaper than 68/9 but it is a 500.
by MattH
Thu Oct 08, 20 8:40 am
Forum: Transmission, Axle & Brakes
Topic: Axle gasket for 8/34 suregrip
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Re: Axle gasket for 8/34 suregrip

US Automtive at Bedford 01234 273155
Hauser racing at Rushden
by MattH
Thu Oct 08, 20 8:39 am
Forum: General Stuff
Topic: New Highly absorbent MMA Tee Shirt.....
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Re: New Highly absorbent MMA Tee Shirt.....

I thought you were going to say postie has dropped yours in a puddle!
Wasn't expecting this picture. Grandad again then!
by MattH
Sun Oct 04, 20 8:16 pm
Forum: The Mopar Lounge
Topic: Canada Trip
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Re: Canada Trip

When i first saw the orange pic I thought it was Lauren's 71 from years ago, then spotted its a rag top. I agree about the loss of basic small block cars for clones. An un-restored six pot Challenger convertible would be a real find. Long time members will remember the car as a regular in Fishtails ...
by MattH
Sun Oct 04, 20 8:11 pm
Forum: The Workshop
Topic: Matt's 1970 'Trans-Am' Cuda
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Re: Matt's 1970 'Trans-Am' Cuda

Check this youtube video out. I did a double take and realised its this year in New Zealand.

48 car and the 77 car clones, the commentary says the Challenger is running a hemi. Great viewing.
by MattH
Sun Oct 04, 20 8:03 pm
Forum: Cars
Topic: 1963 dodge d100 town panel van
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Re: 1963 dodge d100 town panel van

That looks a great project, not seen one like that before.
by MattH
Sun Oct 04, 20 8:00 pm
Forum: General Stuff
Topic: MMA Lockdown 2020 T Shirts
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Re: MMA Lockdown 2020 T Shirts

Kev wrote:
Fri Oct 02, 20 8:49 am
Received DownUnder 8-)
Excellent, that should be the furthest traveled one, there won't be another in Australia, and just 2 in America!
by MattH
Sun Oct 04, 20 7:57 pm
Forum: US and Overseas
Topic: dart 340 clone
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Re: dart 340 clone

Is that dollars not pounds though, so not as bad price wise.
by MattH
Sun Oct 04, 20 7:52 pm
Forum: UK
Topic: Superbird
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Re: Superbird

Paul was it was an air grabber car then?
by MattH
Mon Sep 28, 20 8:40 am
Forum: The Workshop
Topic: Rob's 70 Charger
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Re: Rob's 70 Charger

If you have one that is leaking I'd suggest getting it rebuilt. They rarely crop up second hand and are likely to leak as well. I did this on my Challenger, Kempston Radiators in Bedfordshire did a great job. Depending on how important originality is you can get generic heater cores from Car Builder...