Looking for alternator fixings

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Looking for alternator fixings

Post by Dino »

Hi guys,

I'm looking for the bolts and spacers that fix the alternator on, same as in the photo.

I've found a few places in the States that sell them but ideally want to get them in the UK, any suggestions please?


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Re: Looking for alternator fixings

Post by deppmobile »

If it's any help, getting the spacers and bolt lengths exactly right for the many different pulley set ups that exist is almost impossible.

Get some tube of the right diameter or a friendly lathe owner to make exactly the ones you need. :thumbright:

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Re: Looking for alternator fixings

Post by MattH »

I'd probably agree that getting stuff to match is hard and even if it is the correct item, it often still needs fiddling with, so making up spacers is often the way. I've had to have a crank pulley spacer made recently for the Chevy to get everything in line.
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Re: Looking for alternator fixings

Post by morgan »

I must have got lucky then - 440source, sub $20 (plus everything else of course) - fitted mine anyway, including modern alternator swap.

Power steering on the other hand was a pain - had to make bracket...
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