Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

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Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by V8brit »

In September, after years of saving/searching/selling grandkids on evilbay...
I made the leap from a `66 750cc Daf Daffodil to a 3ltr LeBaron to a `73 440 Town & Country.. :D
Drove Gargantua for a couple of weeks until the sudden appearance of a front-end shimey made it undrivable..
I have new front wheel bearings& seals , to be fitted after I have an operation soon .Cant wait to get back behind the wheel. ..
Im old-skool and was lucky enough to get a set of slot mags off of a friends `73 Satellite to replace the Riddler 17" fitted.( They are listed in the " For sale" section...
Cheers !
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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by Pete »

Welcome to the Club!

That's one BIG puppy!

A nice bit of diversity for the club too!

Enjoy your ride and make the most of it!
Pete Wiseman; Cambridge.

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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by ScottyDave »

Hello, welcome to the club.
Slots definitely suit it better :thumbright:
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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by Bozwell »

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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by Derek »

Hello and welcome, that's a big old barge you have there, I bet it's rides smooth. :thumbright:
Are we there yet dad ..... 10 to the gallon but worth it.

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aussie pete
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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by aussie pete »

Now that i like
Welcome to the dark side,
You have some generous parking bays there !!

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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by Dom66 »

Welcome, seem pics of that on FB, love the new wheels :thumbright:

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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by Captain Chaos »

Gotta love a Wagon👍 Welcome to the club.

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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by MattH »

Very, very cool. Love it.
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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by cadboy »

yes cool boat that and welcome to the club.


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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by Charger »

hello there :hello2:, nice wagon you have there 8-)
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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by Adam »

Nice wagon. I saw your Daf in my local Sainsburys in August.
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Re: Newbie `73 Town & Country 440

Post by Dave999 »

I know the Griswolds drove a ford in mettalic pea.. in national lampoon's vacation but..... that colour wagon will always get me singing Holiday ro o o o o o o o o oad


Nice wheels kindey/jelly bean mags than D shaped holes like a wolfrace, look like the Aussie ROH alloy used on charger RTs

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