1970 RM23 Roadrunner

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Post by latil »

Oil may be front seal on box or rear main weeping,some accumulated in the bell housing then dripped out? Won't do it again for months.
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Richard Granger
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Post by Richard Granger »

car is looking great Dave sorry you didn't get it to the Nats would have been good to have another 70 air grabber there ,did you manage to get there ?
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Post by Hemimad »


No, I worked night and day to try and finish the car but, as predicted I was exactly one week out. I was that peed off after all the effort to just miss out, I couldn't bring myself to go without it. The car is now taxed and MOTd and just ironing out a few teething troubles and it is not for a shrinking violet, loads of people are talking to me about it, most ask if it is the General Lee! Already bored of explaining what it is and how it is related to it, started to just say yes :roll:

What is almost certain, I'll be there next year, unless someone makes me an offer I cannot refuse....


Dave C
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=P~ :thumbright:
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Re: 1970 RM23 Roadrunner

Post by Hemimad »

Hard to believe that it’s heading towards 10yrs with the 70 RR and it still looks good after all that effort!
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Re: 1970 RM23 Roadrunner

Post by RobTwin »

You're right, 'tis a thing of beauty! 8-) And time does indeed fly :roll: :lol:
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Re: 1970 RM23 Roadrunner

Post by Pete »

Stunning car!

8-) 8-) 8-)
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