1976 Dodge D300 Adventurer SE.

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1976 Dodge D300 Adventurer SE.

Post by Trigger_Andy »

So thats me finally back in the Mopar fold again. This time Ive got a Truck, something Ive always had an itch for and will come in handy with my firewood and sawmilling side line.

Its a one owner from new Truck. Was owned by a Transmission Shop that used it as a shop Truck and also to haul his race Barracuda. At some point in its past they rebuild the 400ci and 727. The 400 was warmed over with forged pistons and a cam of some sort, thats all the details I have. It was then parked up inside the Shop in around 1990 and replaced with a Cummins Dodge Pick-up. In 2017 they advertised it for sale and a couple from Devon bought it unseen. The Shop did a few things to get it road ready and they flew over to Texas and picked it up. They then did over 5000 miles on a cross country tour and slept in the bed in a Truck Tent then shipped it back to Devon where it did very little miles, it was barn stored and used occasionally. They even used it for their wedding last year.

I popped down for it on Sunday and was very happy with how its been looked after and how its so rust free. There is just no rust on it at all. I then drove it Plymouth from Bideford to Plymouth in the dark, to say that was an eye opener is an understatement, at 8 foot it was as wide as most of the lanes. I popped in to see my Grandfather on Monday morning then made the log trip back to the North East of Scotland.

It handles beautifully and is very responsive. Unfortunately there is a wobble/shudder/shake at a random speed and RPM between 55-62MPH.

The Wipers packed in as well, luckily it never rained again.

The MPG is bad, worse than Id imagined. I calculated it at 10.8mpg at 60mph and 12.5mpg at 55mph. Does this sound right?
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Re: 1976 Dodge D300 Adventurer SE.

Post by TinDoug »

Nice =D>
Saw that on ebay a while back, pretty rare beast over here I would have thought
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Re: 1976 Dodge D300 Adventurer SE.

Post by Captain Chaos »

Nice truck👍

I don’t get a lot more mpg out of my Vandura than that,not that that’s a scientific comparison I’m afraid.
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Re: 1976 Dodge D300 Adventurer SE.

Post by cadboy »

Nice truck and Dually's are pretty rare and mostly GM or Ford, so a Dodge is nice to see.
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Re: 1976 Dodge D300 Adventurer SE.

Post by MilesnMiles »

Andy, my old Dodge D100 318 truck only did 10-12 mPg with 4:1 rear end. I loved it, but sold it partially due to the shocking mpg.
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Re: 1976 Dodge D300 Adventurer SE.

Post by Stu »

Like the look of this, quite partial to a bit of trackage.

Have you had it in the air yet to check out the suspension and try and isolate the wobble? Are you sure you weren’t falling asleep on the long journey and hitting the rumble strip. :D :lol:
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