spotted in se london

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spotted in se london

Post by rfullarton » Sat Apr 28, 18 12:16 pm

is this a member's car ?

nice and menacing, love the covered headlights !
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Re: spotted in se london

Post by latil » Sat Apr 28, 18 4:23 pm

My old heap! Think the owner is on facebook UK mopars.
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Re: spotted in se london

Post by drewcrane » Tue May 01, 18 1:55 am

the cars in the back ground look like toys ,this car is almost as wide as two modern cars :D hahahahaa

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David Murray
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Re: spotted in se london

Post by David Murray » Thu Jul 12, 18 8:47 pm

I believe this one belongs to a chap going by the name of Tam...nice guy...based in New Cross.
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