Thanks for letting us in...

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Thanks for letting us in...

Post by Russ1971scamp »

Hi All
Myself and Sami looking forward to meeting up with you all in the near future.
It was great to meet and chat with a few of you sunday at the Nec Classic car show....
Recently we have got ourselves a Mopar.... 71 Plymouth Scamp 318 - this a california car that we believe entered the uk in 2015, we bought it off Drag Racer Ian Turburville and what a cool guy he is......
A little about us, my first v8 car was when i was 18 i had an Aussie Ch Valiant with a 360.... a lot of car at 18 but all them years ago and that was many years ago insurance was easy etc etc, while that was being ripped about and modded i ran a daily driver 77 camaro six cyinder...also a work friend at the time had a 79 403 trans am followed a 70 351 cleveland mustang ( that was quick).....we was a regulars at Lakeside Cruise essex and chelsea. Hopefully there are a few southern members who remeber the Lakeside cruise.......A house came along and i had to grow up just a little, so cars went to the background and sold off... Then i met Sami and she loved the idea of American cars and we bought a 71 shark nose camaro and regulary visited Guildford cruise and the Pod, we was also blessed with North Weald Drag strip only 40 mins away...our boys came along, money ran out and the Camaro got parked up in a garage.... we still have the camaro but taking it off the road was a major bad decision --- its now in need of major resto....bugger.. well jump forward 20 odd years after parking up the camaro .... and the hunger for v8 was to much... now we love going to shows and the pod every year but theres nothing like being back on the road in a v8...(plus i might now get motivated to restore the chevy) you may of noticed i love all american marques..Brandon our eldest is driving and a car nut...his super low wide arch mx5 grabs attention..... Now i am a fossil when it comes to social media but i do have an instagram account @russ1971camaro should you like to a small glimpse into our lives.... for now i am enjoying where i started back in the seat of a Mopar... oh i will eventaully update my instagram name to respect the Scamp... Russ & Sami
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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by Pete »

Welcome to the Club!!!

Glad you enjoyed the NEC.

Pete Wiseman; Cambridge.

Mopar by the grace of God

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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by Captain Chaos »

Lovely story Russ,looking forward to meeting you,welcome to the club 👍

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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by Derek »

Welcome to the mad house, there's quite a few of us here that used to go to Guildford cruise, Chelsea cruise and Lakeside cruise and others back in the day
Are we there yet dad ..... 10 to the gallon but worth it.

MMA Public Relations Officer.

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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by MattH »

Welcome! I remember the Lakeside Cruise from the late 80's, still got some photos Printed not digital) of Mopars from then, way before I actually owned one.

Pics of the CH would be good, I have an Aussie Charger as well as the Challenger.
Scamp should be lots of fun.
Matt Hollingsworth - Vehicle Registrar
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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by Russ1971scamp »

i too have some old lakeside pictures i will have to dig out. Pictures of my old 360 well just like u i only have proper photos.... i will have to photo the photograph and upload..... thanks all for the warm welcome..

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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by 68Roadrunner »

Welcome aboard.
Remember it being at this years nats too.
I like the look of them HP ex manifolds, cool.


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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by Dom66 »

Welcome :thumbright:

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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by ScottyDave »

Hello :)
73 Charger 318

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Re: Thanks for letting us in...

Post by Charger »

hello there :hello2:, nice car you have there 8-)
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