Mopar Euronats 26th - 28th July 2013

Post photos from past events here.

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Adrian Worman
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Post by Adrian Worman »

Yeah he got there ok, still hobbling along :lol:
It was a good choice :thumbright:
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Post by Pete »

Yet another brilliant evet, rain is compulsory at the Nats!!!

Great to see Andy Robinson getting more out of his big old Coronet - and everyone confusing him with Andy Robinson ;)

DaveB's 'bird looked stunning whilst still being a hard-hitter.

Got a lot of satisfaction from seeing Roydon pop his "9" Cherry at last - not bad for a car that had the new engine started up a couple of days ago and the nitrous system nailed together the night before.

Too many people to mention - it takes me about 40 minutes to walk to the can and back (but maybe that is my age) -but they are all stars!

Special thanks to Maz for her personal services and for straightening me out :shock: :shock: :shock:

I think there should be a special award to DB for managing to break his car TWICE at one Nats...better luck next season (or maybe the hot rod Drags???)..

Back home safely. Julie beat me home as she was driving the Bee and I was stuck in a Diesel van with the Engine Management light in the fast lane, ehhh?? Mind you, I can never keep up with her - whata gal!!
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Post by Pete »

...and I am sure there will be those who will comment about losing track time to the Pro Mods, etc; but I thought they were absolutely stunning!!!

Andy Robinson's car was absolutely mental....err, not THAT Andy Robinson...... ;) ;) ;)

I was also very humbled and chuffed for the award, thanks - it did mean a lot..........

And finally a special thanks to Jim Chandler for bringing up my gearbox to the Pod - what a great club.
Pete Wiseman; Cambridge.

Mopar by the grace of God

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Post by Rebel »

Congrats on the award Pete.

Loved every minute of my one day Nats this year, including the 5am start in thunderous rain and the road being closed on the way to the Pod, meaning I had a 30 minute diversion to follow. Made it back safely, hope everyone else got back safe as well.

Great to meet Adrian (Charger01) and Andy (Mustangbooks), as well as catching up with everyone else again.
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Post by mustangbooks »

Rebel wrote: Great to meet Adrian (Charger01) and Andy (Mustangbooks), as well as catching up with everyone else again.
Yep, good to meet you too Nige... And I'd like to thank Ivor for the brief chat and offer of a seat while I was waiting at the MMA stand, Ivor really is a jolly nice and friendly bloke!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the organisation, it was a great weekend with no major incidents to spoil the racing that I was aware of, and great company in a relaxed atmosphere. Hopefully I'll actually have the Challenger finished and working by next year!

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Post by Dave-R »

My pictures mainly from the Sunday. ... 696ff463ef

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Post by Charger »

great pics :thumbright:

the girl in white boots levitating … I missed that :D
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Post by Carl »

Had a fantastic time, thanks to you all :thumbright:

Car ended up going home via recovery lorry due to a slight malfunction of the engine on my first ever run in the car. But im not too sad about it as those are the little things that memories and conversations are made of. And I feel like a fully fledged member of the Mopar fraternity now i've broke something and gone home via recovery. Was all worth it.
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Post by Dave81 »

As i said on the other thread.........Just a top quality weekend start to finish. Big thanks to all involoved! :thumbright:

4th in a row for me and every single one has been pure Sun and racing......Mopar gods must be smiling on us!
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Post by 392HemiGuy »

Only down for the Sunday, but well worth the trip, especially when I woke up at 4.30 am and saw that it had rained most of the night=more car cleaning at Santa Pod.

Thanks to all the members that I met a really great day and will be there next year without a doubt. Couldn't quite get my head around how I managed to get the award for the Best Modern Muscle Car when there were some superb late model stuff there, and its first outing to Pod. It has pride of place in the kitchen at home.

A great day.


V8 Sam

Post by V8 Sam »

was it a pushrod then carl? was a bit on the rattly side after..

launch was good tho, whole car stood up and flew off the line.

nice to meet everyone as usual! only see some of the folk once/twice a year.

Steve, that wagon of yours is simply stunning, absolutely love it.

as where most of the cars on display.

Anna's pics will be up soon.


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Post by DaveB »

Fantastic,possiby the best yet.
Highlights being,Running 9.5s in the bird,Andy Robs 9s,the top sportsman cars,Pro mods,all the foreign entrys,the show cars,the gasser circus,all the drunks in the bar(connolly),the sunshine and the DC3 flyby,been told I got beat up Sat night,didnt hurt if I did :lol:

Well done Tim,Jim,Rich and Tony and santa pod

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Post by andyrob »

I enjoyed every minute of it, never a dull moment

Well happy with a 9.98 on friday, been only my 3rd pass, was told in the pub fri night, my car wasnt a proper 9 sec car until, Id backed it up, which i did do sat morning on my 2nd run with a 9.87/ 136
Thanks to Dave B & John Sleath who helped me with the car & the Lisle family which were my keen pit crew

Roll on 2014 nats wouldn't miss it for anything
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Post by Mossy68 »

What was Mr Wisemans award for ????

Most abuse towards 4 door owners ?? :D
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Jon Connolly
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Post by Jon Connolly »

Mossy68 wrote:What was Mr Wisemans award for ????

It was " Dodgiest loft ladder of the year 2013 "
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