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Going to France

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 17 8:06 pm
by Derek
I was speaking to JC at the NEC and we spoke briefly about a trip to France in our Mopar in 2017.

Well 2017 is here, who would be up for a weekend in maybe April, May or June.

Don't want to go to far but just enough to say we've done it,

Maybe even catch a car show while we are there,

Have we any French members here that can point us in the right direction.

There's already some interest from a couple of Surrey / South London members.

This is only a thought at the moment as it's going to take some planning

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 17 10:04 pm
by uber cool
I've been every year for the past 12 years to le mans and le mans classic. great event, great country, great roads.

Been twice in my 58 Apache pickup and once in my 68 VW camper, other years normal road car, so not as much fun then.
Last year was the best, took it easy , kept off the toll roads and went Newhaven to Dieppe , hence missed all the crap going on at the tunnel and Calais.

Photo from last years, mines the 58 Apache (green) the 63 C10 I built for my mate from an absolute wreck.


Posted: Tue Jan 03, 17 8:09 am
by MattH
Le Mans Classic is great, as I can confirm, but is not on again until 2018.

I've pondered about doing the Spa Classic, which is Belgium but still on the Continent.

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 17 3:21 pm
by Captain Chaos
As pointed out above..Le Mans is in June which I camp at every year with a group of friends,I would be happy to point you in the right direction in respect of Tickets and Camping Passes if you fancied this. I help run this Forum which is dedicated to the Race and all that goes with it too.

There is from memory at least one test weekend in the weeks running up to the event which would be less intense weekend than the 24hrs itself.

I travel on the Portsmouth Caen Ferry route overnight which means around a 2.5 hr journey on the other side,quite a nice run along some D Roads.

Caen itself has Pegasus Bridge,the first Airbourne landing point of D Day, and all the associated Museums and Locations along with some pretty stunning Coastal Scenery.

I really enjoy France and French Motoring so would be up for a run out wherever you choose.

france trip

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 17 5:10 pm
by rogthedodge
I might be up for that Del

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 17 5:13 pm
by Turnip
If there are a few of you going it could be worth contacting DFDS , they do great deals for racers going to and from UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

They may do you a good deal, just a thought

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 17 7:29 pm
by andyrob
if your there in June it would be rude not too ... -24-hours/

1000's of classic cars but also 10 of 1000's of other cars, chaos all weekend but probably the best traffic jam you will every be stuck in.
Been there many times loved it

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 17 7:38 pm
by Derek
Thanks for the inuit guys but for the first one I thought maybe just a small local show.

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 17 9:04 pm
by muzzydave
a few of us did this a couple of years back and went over by train and then drove up to dunkirk ,and are planning to try and get over to normandy this year and drive round and b+b it when over around the end of june

will have a chat at next meet up del..

cheers dave

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 17 3:20 pm
And we stuffed the "FRENCH" again yesterday............. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

:P :P :P

Can`t wait :thumbright: :thumbright: :thumbright:

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 17 8:31 pm
by pinoccio
hi all. france is great in summer. june the 6th is as you all know the normandie anniversary time . so is very busy. and you will be the odd ones out in any vehicle if it isn't green. having said that. if there is a time to go to france. this is the time. the celebrations are fantastic. and all French folk whatever age. is celebrating. il definatly be up for going . Portsmouth to le harve is quite something too. the suspension bridge from le harve is something else too. amazing. be advised though. not all French folk will speak English to you. unless you try a few words in French first. but they love the English.reggie

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 17 9:39 pm
by Casper
If you guys can find a show close to Honfleur, it would make a great destination.

I've done a few runs down to that local with car buddies and it is close enough to Calais not to be a grind but long enough, with some great local roads, to make it a decent drive.

The town itself is great and you can sit quayside and have a drink and decent French seaside food.

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 17 11:16 am
by Garp
Strangely, muted this idea to my missus just last night. Le Mans would be lovely albeit chaotic and from the looks of it bloody expensive !
Will watch this thread and see what transpires. :thumbright:

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 17 12:16 pm
by Jim
The French have a very active Mopar Club. What about this: ... juin-2017/

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 17 3:30 pm
by Derek
Jim wrote:The French have a very active Mopar Club. What about this: ... juin-2017/
Now that's an idea Jim or I've been thinking maybe Six-Pack Speedshop at

Westlandseweg 18
2291 PG Wateringen
The Netherlands.