Wings and Wheels Dunsfold

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Wings and Wheels Dunsfold

Post by Derek »

This came in today, please read if you are interewsted in going.

Good Afternoon,

I’m pleased to confirm the application for this year’s Motoring Demonstration at Wings & Wheels is now open. We would love to welcome you back in 2017, however there are two significant changes that you should know prior to entering.

The first is that all participants in cars, no matter if you are driving a soft top or a hard top, will need to be wearing an appropriate fitting motorsport helmet. This also goes for any passengers. This is a new rule introduced for 2017 by the IOPD (International Organisation of Professional Drivers), whose rules we run the Motoring Demonstration under. We will not be able to supply any helmets.

The second is that there will now be an Entry Fee for participants in the Motoring Demonstration. As you can appreciate the Motoring Demonstration takes a lot of time and effort to organise, particularly as Health and Safety regulations have become tighter, and this, coupled with an increasing number of no shows, means we are introducing a £20 entry fee for one day or £35 for the weekend. You will receive two tickets per day you enter, and get at least four runs down the runway*. Payment will only be taken once you have received formal notification that your application into the Motoring Demonstration has been accepted.

*Subject to circumstances that could result in the closure of the runway.

We appreciate your support with these changes and hope that you will wish to continue to participate in the Motoring Demonstration. You can find the entry form on our website by clicking here. Should you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,


Edward Lowman

Events Coordinator

T: 01483 542221
Are we there yet dad ..... 10 to the gallon but worth it.

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Post by R.RUNNER »

What ever happened to "THE OLD DAY`s"

Show your car..........that`s what people want to see (NO FEE)
Drive your car..........that`s what people want to see (NO FEE) or helmet
Give as much as you can to the organiser.....that`s what he wants to see :roll: :roll: :roll:

Why should we have to pay to show our cars :? :? :? If we didn`t show our cars........would there be a "CAR SHOW" :shock: :shock: :shock:

:P :P :P just my little "RANT"

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