what are you doing while at home?

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Re: what are you doing while at home?

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:lol: isn't it funny how small the Anglia mk1 escorts seem now, they are like dinky toys in comparison to present day cars and yanks and bloody awful to drive especially when lowered and stiff suspension.
when you get into a 60's yank ( a nice one) they were so ahead in comfort and accessories but that said and done they do bring a smile to my face when I drive em :twisted:

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Re: what are you doing while at home?

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at the weekend a sparky mate came round and connected up the new bigger (10mm) armour cable and consumer unit in my garage after i'd run all the cables. i needed a bigger supply as my old compressor would blow the trip when the weather was really cold and i knew it wouldn't be up to the 2 post lift i'd bought and was delivered last week. i bolted the posts in place monday, fitted the hydraulic unit and power box and balance cables in place yesterday and added the last trim parts to day along with making some butch brackets to bolt the top of the posts to my garage roof structure (belt and braces ;) ) ready to test it on my daily c-max which needed front pads. i'm limited on roof height but even so i was working at chest height which my back thanked me for. the valiant is lower overall and i'll have just over 4 foot underneath it to work on which is better than laying on my back for sure. i've got an office chair with no back which means i can sit comfortably under the car while working.
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Re: what are you doing while at home?

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If you ever want something done, ask a busy man!!!
Pete Wiseman; Cambridge.

Mopar by the grace of God

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