Advice wanted for buying Dodge Challenger 2015->

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Advice wanted for buying Dodge Challenger 2015->

Post by Outpost32 »

Hi! New to the Forum. So I've become obsessed with the new Dodge Challengers and think I want to get one. I'm looking for some advice from UK owners as regards the following points. I'm based in N.Ireland so if I find one I like it will be a road trip to England most likely to buy. I've done a fair bit of research and think I can only afford a 3.6 V6...budget around 21k give or take but would consider a V8 but given fuel prices currently that's unlikely.
  • Model/year? I've kinda settle on 2015-> as they seem most reliable
  • Tax and Insurance. Driving 13 yrs so just interested on others feedback
  • Servicing - Does anyone know any specialist service garages that would cater to these in N. Ireland?
  • Driving LHD over here...never driven LHD car here
  • Light conversion for UK roads? Most of the ones I see listed have been converted for UK roads. What does this actually entail?
  • Other considerations?
Thanks in advance. This is currently a dream at the moment and I may end up getting a Skoda VRS but the pull of the Challenger is strong and I've not seen a single Challenger over here...a few modern Chargers (which I'm not a fan of) and one '69 Charger in General Lee colours which I would sell my soul for!
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Re: Advice wanted for buying Dodge Challenger 2015->

Post by Stu »

Welcome to the Forum.

Can’t help on the modern stuff, I’m afraid, but sure someone will be along with some advice shortly, we have a few members with them.

Check out the Modern Mopars section, there may be some help there. :thumbright:
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Re: Advice wanted for buying Dodge Challenger 2015->

Post by mustangbooks »

Mike and the guys at Star Car Hire are based in Larne and may be able to help you with the NI specific questions (as long as you promise to sign the car up with them when you get it!)
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Re: Advice wanted for buying Dodge Challenger 2015->

Post by SJH »

A friend of mine has one, As a preventative measure he had both sills cut off, then had all the foam removed from inside and then had the sills welded back on. He showed me the photos. Apparently the foam holds water and rots the sills out from the inside. I am not sure how common this is but may be worth finding out more about it
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Re: Advice wanted for buying Dodge Challenger 2015->

Post by gmopar59 »

Welcome outpost. I'm in NI as well. yes Mike may be able to help but the guy who does his is a mate also and not in the best of health, but worth a shot. Also, if you are on facebook, try the AMCI (American muscle cars Ireland-used to be a member). Sure I saw one modern Chally a few years ago around Belfast area, where I am. Lots of RH drive Mustangs around but I don't see the point. I have a 68 Dart. You're wecome to have a look if you are in Belfast. :thumbright:
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Re: Advice wanted for buying Dodge Challenger 2015->

Post by MattH »

I met a V6 owner recently, and sat in his car. Really nice place to be.
It is still 305 BHP even if it is ONLY a V6, but you then avoid the cam lifter failure that some of the V8's suffer from. They also look the same from outside.
Beware some of the cars coming in from the Arab states, they could be in quite a state, also some cars that end up here are insurance write offs over in the states, for water damage etc. History vanishes when they start in a new country.

There is a Facebook group for modern Challengers in the UK
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Re: Advice wanted for buying Dodge Challenger 2015->

Post by Motorama »

Run any prospective purchase through Car Vertical, its like HPI but checks most European countries and the USA for accident damage and clocking. Use the code SALVAGE20 for a discount. So many late model yanks have moody history its a must. I checked a Dodge Ram this week being advertised with 88k miles, checking it showed it left the USA in 2015 with 350k miles!
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