Dodge Challenger SRT8 drag radials

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Dodge Challenger SRT8 drag radials

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Hey all,

Having recently bought a 2009 Challenger SRT8, I’m trying to find a suitable wheel and drag radial set up for the strip. Getting differing opinions regarding the rim size/tyre size/offset. It’s been said that it’s possible to fit 315 35 20 drag radials on 20” x 10” with +20 offset. I can’t find a wheel this exact spec. Found some Hellcat replica wheels on eBay with +25 offset, but suspect they’re going to end up sticking out a tad? Having said that, they’re only for the strip, so would it matter? Standard suspension ride height. Anyone got experience of the modern Mopar’s? Any help greatly appreciated.
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Robert Nauer
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Re: Dodge Challenger SRT8 drag radials

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Congrats, nice ride! Regarding your question of fitting larger rubber, I do have personal experience as I installed 20x10 wheels with a 25mm offset on the rear of my Scat Pack Late model Challenger. Mounted 305/35ZR 20s on the wheels and they fit perfectly in the wheel wells. Given that I would believe the 315s would fit but may be a little proud of the wheel wells.
Cheers, Robert
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Re: Dodge Challenger SRT8 drag radials

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read an article recently about some chap who threw his challenger up pikes peak
he swapped his wheels to a set of smaller diameter in order to get access to a huge range of tyres at much lower cost
suppose it depends on if they fit over the brakes and how many tyres you get through in order to break even on this front

he obviously used a few sets each race

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