Request for Filming, please!!!

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Request for Filming, please!!!

Post by Pete »

Hi there, everyone.
I have been approached by a company that is looking for cars for an INDOOR shoot for a program that will be Broadcasted, i.e. not a magazine photo-shoot.

The location will be Lasham Airfield near Basingstoke on the 3rd and 4th of February 2021.

The cars will be required both days, as the 3rdwill be the set-up day, and the 4th will be the filming day.

Below are a Range of cars requested - 1960-1980 period preferred, others may be considered:

· AC Cobra (probably a Replica)
· Chevrolet Camaro
· Chevrolet Chevelle SS
· Chevrolet Corvette Stingray / Sting Ray
· Dodge Challenger
· Dodge Charger
· Ford Gran Torino
· Ford GT (probably a Replica)
· Ford Mustang GT350
· Ford 65/66 Mustang Fastback
· Plymouth Road runner Superbird
· Plymouth Barracuda / ‘cuda (“E” Body)
· Pontiac Trans AM
· Pontiac GTO

They are looking for cars in good presentable condition, and will consider ones in period Racing Livery as well.

As stated, the filming is inside and a static display and the cars will not be running.

However, there may be the opportunity for one or two cars to be filmed outside doing donuts by prior arrangement.

This will NOT be conducted by the owners for Insurance reasons, but by fully qualified and Insured Stunt Drivers.

Please let me know, preferably by PM / DM if you are interested in getting involved.
Please can you also include a picture of the car so that I can forward to the company as part of their selection process.

I have not been advised on any potential Expense payments, though there may be some assistance with transportation.

This is just a first pass to gauge interest and support, and more information will hopefully be forthcoming in due course.

Many thanks and all the best.

Pete Wiseman, Chairman, MMA
07837 789840
Pete Wiseman; Cambridge.

Mopar by the grace of God

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Re: Request for Filming, please!!!

Post by DaveB »

You would want your head testing to let some "Stunt man" get in your pride and joy, doing doughnuts, and they say Drag racing is hard on cars :lol:
Count me out :lol:

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Re: Request for Filming, please!!!

Post by gmopar59 »

Was up for the Rhianna video shot in Turf Lodge Belfast :D a number of years ago. Picked a trans am instead. Bloke signed a waiver ( cracked the dash with a camera). Glad it wasn't me, although to have her on your seat.. better stop now!

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Re: Request for Filming, please!!!

Post by Dave999 »

having done 2 now, its always good fun. met a few B list celebs (top gear) and a man with bushy eyebrows who plays guitar :)

but if its just you and your car, you know they really just wish you would go away and let them do what they want as quickly as possible... "we are finished with the car and you will now leave",
"Oh Sir,its no trouble to escort you off the premises , yes now, we need you and your mustang out of the way.... mustang????

ta ta ..... cheque for damage is in the post..

you, and it, are a tool for the job and when the job is done you are not needed anymore. as long as you understand this, its a great day out.

a big group of you, lots of civilians and their cars on site, then they may be more accommodating, preparations will have been made to keep you all out of the way, somewhere to wait coffee tea biccies lunch etc

get something signed saying if they break it, they fix it, and you get to decide who is in the mix for fixing it, they can decide which company does, so make sure you choose wisely...
also check they have insurance. film sets do go on fire, stun't men do wrap cars into bridge supports, skips, and other cars
camera rigging damages paint work and bumpers when used on cars moving at speed, lots of this stuff is hired and the rubbery cups are worn and the roll of duct tape is put to good use.
let them see your agreed value data and ask if their insurance covers it, as you are not On The Public Highway and this kind of stuff, like racing, may not be covered by your insurance.

the first one i did the repairs to my car, that were necessary after the shoot, appears to have caused the production company to fold..... its worth checking how BIG a company they are, have they get the $$$$ to cover the risk they are asking you to take with your car.

i looked them up at companies house after! my shoot,(you should do this before agreeing) and discovered that the filed accounts showed approx 3 grand held by the production company, and they owed me 300 for my time and the cost of repairs was more than they had in the bank account

then followed 3 months of stress while they ummed and arrrd about the fact that it was more expensive than they thought it would be

All worked out fine in the end.

but that 300 for my time didn't cover the day off (rescheduled twice) and the hours spent on the internet tracking down bodywork grill indicators stainless trim driving lights etc.

obviously it depends on the production, the budget, the programme or film,
Go for it......... but do some research.
big multinational or national company No probs Bill-n-teds music video production...well expect some umming and arrrring if they have to fix something

David Gray. This year i am mainly In Twickenham, sometimes in Watford, often between the two but only between the hours of 07:00 -09:00 and 17:30-19:00

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