Difficult decision time.

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Difficult decision time.

Post by Trigger_Andy »

With Covid seriously affecting my working life, ie I've done 16 days off-shore in the last 5 months but over 70 days in either quarantine or waiting in a hotel in Norway and the restrictions only getting tighter by the day and no indication of let up til Spring at the very earliest.

Starting again with babies, we now have another two girls :) 1 years old and one coming up for three years old.

Just buying our house we've been living in for the last 6 years that needs fully renovated I simply do not have time or the funds to keep both the Barracuda and the Charger.

Usual story of bills starting to mount and no clear way out in the near future and simply not having the time right now. I did 10 miles in the Charger last year and this year I drove it into the Barn and only fired it up periodically.

So it was a toss up between the Barracuda and the Charger, but for all the cash the Barracuda would bring in it would only clear my feet for a short time and would see me having to sell the Charger as well. So it looks like I'll have to sell the Charger. :(

At least now I have most of the missing parts for the Barracuda and when I eventually have the time I can start working on that. Wander into the barn now and again and run my hand down its lines. :D

So when I get home next I'll be getting the Charger ready for sale as there is a few odd jobs to do. Couple of patches in the footwells, put the new carpet and insulation in and put the seats back in etc.

Will be a real shame to see it go but at least I have another toy lined up.
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Re: Difficult decision time.

Post by Captain Chaos »

Tricky times Andy and I’m sorry to hear about it. As you say at least you have the Barracuda to focus on.

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