Valiant washer Bottle motor

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Valiant washer Bottle motor

Post by Dave999 »

as standard they are cheap and horrible
they are unique to the Australian smoked white smooth nylon A body STYLE washer bottles

when the motor goes Phuttt, its probably because the seal between the pump housing and the electric motor has gone, your electric motor will have rusted up in a bath of screen wash.

you have a couple of choices

1) ignore it and give an MOT man some flannel about the bottle being empty
2) try and fix it, jewellers screwdriver at the ready
3) put in one from another bottle with potentially the same issue
4) buy a US A body bottle and motor combo. it fits, its kinda right, it has Chrysler and a huge pentastar embossed on it, but it is wrong and everyone will know. its also not cheap
5) buy a motor from a Valiant specialist, two i can think of sell them. its not cheap by the time its fully imported....
6) use this


i'd rather pay £7.60 than $55

yes they are just as cheap and horrible as the original
they mount in the same way
they look the same
to the informed observer, provided you keep the wires to the inner wing side.... its standard
you will have to put spade connectors on your wires and work out which way to connect it up

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Re: Valiant washer Bottle motor

Post by cadboy »

Good choice Dave :thumbright:
looks is not everything, functionality is important too.

My Barracuda came with a foot pump which was leaking on the carpet, so the first job was to put a similar electric pump next to washer bottle and a switch inside.

pass MOT every time.
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