Maureen Davison RIP

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Maureen Davison RIP

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Maureen Davison

A message from Don Scott:
Please lets all come together to pass on our sincere condolences to NSS racer John Davison who sadly lost his dearly beloved wife Maureen at 10.40am last Tuesday 29th December.
Maureen was, and still is, the love of his life and that he is absolutely devastated. I met Maureen a couple of times and she was indeed a lovely lady. She fought a long battle with cancer but through it all stayed strong and supported John's hobby of drag racing with Nostalgia Superstock.
Maureen's last wish is that John carry on the with his car, although John tells me that at this time he cannot see how. I'm sure he can rely on the support and encouragement from his Nostalgia Superstock family to help him through this difficult time.

I am sure all the MMA members will echo Don's words, and our thought are with John tonight.

Pete Wiseman
Pete Wiseman; Cambridge.

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Re: Maureen Davison RIP

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He must be devasted ,so sad
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