Glass scratches

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Glass scratches

Post by kma176 »

I seen quite a few posts on here about Glass Scratches!
I had a really nasty scratch on my rear screen(it was deep enough to get you finger nail caught in it and about 3 inches long)
I came across a guy by accident that can remove them!!!!
I had him try last night - Fantastic!! got rid of the scratch not even visible anymore took him a couple of hours but he got it out . :thumbright:
Its a Franchise that they have started from an American based company. If anyone interested I can highly recommend as I never thought it would be possible when the scratches are that deep.
On one of my front door glasses - I have some nasty sharp chips on the back edge he reckons they can build up the glass and smooth off which he is going to do next I will post the results.
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Re: Glass scratches

Post by RobTwin »

Very useful - thanks :thumbright:

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Re: Glass scratches

Post by Mark B »

Thanks for the information. I've got the Grand Canyon up my drivers side window.
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Re: Glass scratches

Post by Derek »

Kev, I'll call in in the morning and have a look.
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Re: Glass scratches

Post by Charger »

good to know that sort of repair is possible with good results


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Re: Glass scratches

Post by MattH »

This might help Gavin who was looking for a way to remove registration number etching.
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Re: Glass scratches

Post by MrNorm »

Thanks for that Matt, yes worth a look - I did have a guy try to build up the etching with the resin they use to repair chips etc (he though he was coming just to repair a chip in my daily driver :D :D ) it definitely helped but not a fix, this other guy might use something different or better!!
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