Fuel pressure

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Re: Fuel pressure

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i took my regulator off
with a mechanical pump it just acted as a restriction to flow.

and flow is key....

electric pump any restriction provided may well have not been an issue as it would have maintained the same pressure as well as it could regardless of rpm

mechanical pump pressure and flow varies and not necessarily in the way you would think... its a rubber diaphragm and springs it will have a sweet spot in the rpm range where it is most efficient

not necessarily when the rpm is at the highest you will use.

just turns out that for high ish rpm running on the track the combo of my pump and my holley regulator conspired to create a lack of flow, just when i needed it. i.e as pressure from the pump rose the regulator became a restriction to flow and my float bowls ran low, and i have 3 of them.
with no regulator the problem went away

regulator was just a restrictor in the pipe that i did not need.
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Re: Fuel pressure

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Latest on the Fuel pressure!!
After running for an hour or so at the weekend it started flooding the primaries - so removed the carb-nothing obvious with float or needle not sticking in any way :-k Just as a matter of course pulled out my old 35 year old holley and swapped the float and needle - now all seems to run fine and fuel pressure is staying steady between 4 & 6psi when hot even with the reg and return all connected :thumbright: :thumbright:

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Re: Fuel pressure

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Well done!
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