Sticking disc brakes on both sides (Cuda).

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Re: Sticking disc brakes on both sides (Cuda).

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Had a similar problem a few years ago when I modified a Ford Capri with vented discs etc when fitting a V8 engine .The recommended Brake servo was a Capri Mk2 type with Land Rover master cylinder. Every time I took it out for a test drive after about 6 pedal presses the car ground to a stop with smoke pouring out of the front brakes . I couldnt move the front wheels at all and ended up releasing brake fluid from the front brake lines to recover the car .Turned out I had the brake servo pushrod adjusted too far into the master cylinder .This will allow vacuum pressure to continually apply the brakes .Its important as the other guys have stated that there's a clearance between the servo rod and master cylinder plunger face otherwise the servo valve never shuts off so you always have vacuum applied
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Re: Sticking disc brakes on both sides (Cuda).

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Interesting thread. I had a similar issue with my brakes (drums) and found an easy way to check and test the pushrod was to shim the mounting bolts with thin washers until it worked properly. I then took the rod out and adjusted it by the thickness of the combined washers. I only did this because I didn't trust myself to be able to get the rod back to the original setting if it wasn't this that was the issue. Worked OK in the end
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