Active Damping System - Manufacturers Warranty

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Paul Goulding
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Active Damping System - Manufacturers Warranty

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Hi all,

Hope you’re well. I’ve recently imported a Dodge Challenger Scat pack, it’s got 8000 miles on it, but recently it’s been coming up with Service Active Damping System within a few mins of start up.

I’ve had a bit of a Google and can’t see anything obviously wrong with the car. So two questions

1) Given the car is Oct 2020 manufacture, I think it’s still within 3 year manufacture warranty. Has anybody had any luck with warranty claims from the UK on US cars?
2) Has anybody had the same issue as noted above and managed to fix it?

Thanks for any help
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Re: Active Damping System - Manufacturers Warranty

Post by Kev »

I Googled "Service active dampening system Charger" and found loads of advice including from a Hellcat owner in Wales, is he on here?
Good Luck! 8-)
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