Remote start, keyless entry & push button start

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Marc Whitchurch
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Remote start, keyless entry & push button start

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Hi all,
My 2011 Challenger RT was specced at build with keyless entry/push button start and remote start according to the paid for car check I did prior to buying it here in the Uk. When I bought it the push button was loose in the arm rest centre console (apparently not working), the rubber buttons on the door handles do not open/lock the car when pressed and the key does not have a remote engine start button on it.

I ordered a new key off eBay with the remote start button and need to get it coded to the car and current key. However, upon speaking to a Jeep dealership and an auto locksmith, they cannot enable the remote start function if my current key doesn’t have it. The Jeep dealer wouldn’t be able to cut the blade key either for the £192 quoted but the auto locksmith said he would, and for only £85!!

My questions are how do I get my keyless entry and push button start to work and if possible enable the new key to remote engine start my car?

Anyone had experience with these problems?
Trevor Young
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Re: Remote start, keyless entry & push button start

Post by Trevor Young »

Hi mark, first off is your car a manual or auto? the manual cars never had remote start, even if its on the fob.
Next up you need to get into your E.V.I.C. [electronic vehicle information center] and see if the push start is enabled.
If it is enabled, and still does not work, from what I have read, it could be the wireless ignition node, this is the box you put the key into, they are coded, and it is a common complaint in the U.S, about them not working , also there is the passive entry module, again from my understanding these are coded and can fail, last thing is the antennas that are in the car, there is three of them from what have read, these can fail, and cant pick up the signal, stateside, they use an O.B.D tool from Stellantis[ i think that is the name] that can find the fault, but I don't know who in the UK has one.
there are company's in the us who can repair ignition nodes, but I don't know if there is anyone in the UK or Europe who can do this. hope this is of some help, Trev
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Re: Remote start, keyless entry & push button start

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I know very little about the modern Challengers but I think the Stellantis OBD tool will be easy to locate, as it covers all the Mopars, so in the UK that is Alfa, Fiat, Jeep.
Vauxhall, Citroen and Peugeot are also now part of Stellantis but I think yo are best to stick with the Fiat Chrysler end of things.

I did see online that the Stellantis tool was downloadable for about $40. I found this when I was trying to diagnose faults on my Grand Cherokee.
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