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Random bits for sale

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Hi all, not been too active in a long while. Unfortunatly looking to sell the duster and have a bunch of random bits and pieces that id rather go to a good home. Dunno how much anything is really so offer me a price and its yours

x1 Mopar Battery Topper - No caps

x1 2bbl to 4bbl Air Cleaner Adapter

x1 Black Steering Wheel with Horn Button

Windlace - i seem to have about 10 miles of the stuff

x2 Duster Headrests - When i reupholstered mine they didnt come with the the headrests so i didnt bother. They seem in decent condition all things considered. Could possibly get away with a good clean and some vinyl spray paint? Ive got the chrome trim for the top of the seats too.

x1 Remote Wing mirror

x1 Set of random gaskets. Not a clue what they are for, the previous owner of the car gave them to me. I think they might be for a later year model Duster

x2 Interior chrome door handles

x1 Door Handle

x1 Hessian Upholstry material roll. Not sure how long it is, but it looks enough to upholster a few bench seats.

x1 1963-1974 dodge dart swinger plymouth duster valiant hood to cowl seal Brand New

x2 BFGoodrich White Letter Tires 215/70R15 - I think one of these has a very slow puncture but i cant remember exactly. Good tread on them but of course i forget to take a picture of that.
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