Are all RTV gasket silicones equal…?

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Are all RTV gasket silicones equal…?

Post by Stu »

So there’s the question.

Since it was recommended to me, I’ve used nothing but Wurth Super RTV High Temp Silicone.

Got a job to do tonight and as it’s the first one using it for a while, it’s gone off. Quick Look around and I’m struggling to find it now, Wurth Trade Centre near me won’t deal with me as I’m not trade and can’t find a stockist.

I’ve ordered some Permatex Ultra Black as a back up, but as I need to do the job tonight (Intake Manifold, so a thick bead at the ends required) I dropped into the local Motor Factors and all they had was Wynns Black Gasket Maker.

It all looks and sounds the same to me, but as I haven’t had an issue since switching to Wurth, it made me wonder.

Is it? :-k
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Re: Are all RTV gasket silicones equal…?

Post by Dave999 »

probably all comes out of the same factory :)

apart from the acidity of the vinegary solvent in the stuff, its the same recipe tweaked slightly for different jobs
if Bananarama! stuff i don't think you have a problem. i did once use bathroom sealant on a spacer and had no problem but never took it off to see if it had eaten the aluminium

inlet manifold should be ok.
you are basically stopping air getting in and i suppose maybe some oil from the middle getting out?????

other options

Anerobic sealer
Goes on like silicone but sets hard like plastic in about 2 hours even if no oxygen can get to it. silicone will stay soft for months if the oxygen can't get in. My fun with T5 tail housings has made me wonder if it is the best stuff for that job..... even if tremec used it.
couple of UK brands cheap, couple of US brands massively expensive for no apparent reason

stuff like Curil-T gasketless flange sealer like greeny sticky putty or interesting/adventurous toothpaste, never sets, used on aluminium engine cases halves sumps etc joins that live their life under the level of oil inside
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