Flock of Falcons

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Flock of Falcons

Post by Sandy »

Falcons, front left to right:- Allan Moffat's 1973 Bathurst winning XA; John Goss 1973 XA Falcon; John Goss 1974 Bathurst winning Falcon; Allan Moffat's 1976 ATCC XB.
Back row, left to right:- Allan Moffat's 1977 Bathurst winning XC Falcon and Colin Bond's 1977 Bathurst second place XC Falcon (the infamous formation finish cars); Allan Moffats' 1978 Bathurst XC Cobra; the Mad Max 2 XB Falcon.
Right at the back the R.M.S. Columba, 1879 to 1935.

All the best to everyone
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Re: Flock of Falcons

Post by RM23 »

Very nice sandy :salute:
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Re: Flock of Falcons

Post by Steve »

Fantastic. Some very nice models there! Iove seeing all the special editions etc. The boat is lovely too!

Cheers Steve :thumbright:
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