Glass, scratches, replacement..??

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Re: Glass, scratches, replacement..??

Post by Dave999 »

AirTemp stickers are usually tucked in the window corner of cars with airconditioning

you are not likely to have aircon in a soft top but wouldn't look too out of place

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Re: Glass, scratches, replacement..??

Post by MattH »

Thats exactly the sort of thing I had in mind, knew I'd seen something on windows in about that position.
Scat pack on the rear and these Airtemp on the front, job done with no elbow grease to rermove scratches.
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Re: Glass, scratches, replacement..??

Post by MrNorm »

Funnily enough the AirTemp stickers were exactly what came to mind when Matt suggested a sticker. And I actually have the Scat stickers already.....definitely food for thought. the scratches at least on the rear are bad enough that I might still need a solution, but I have options.... :thumbright:
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Re: Glass, scratches, replacement..??

Post by Matt74 »

I came across this video today on YouTube that you may find interesting.

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