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Like so many others in the “Mopar” world, I was extremely saddened and shocked at the untimely death of Tony Oksien.

I had known Tony for many years, and have long aspired to live up to his values in terms of knowledge, factual accuracy, and general decency.

As most people are aware, he was instrumental in setting up the “Mopar Muscle Association” which was designed to “bring Chrysler’s heritage to the masses”. He was the club Chairman for many years, and then moved on to become the Club’s venerated President.

His passion and knowledge of the “Chrysler” Marque was unequalled in the United Kingdom, and through his efforts it became a country which, the USA aside, was the leading light on “Mopar” and Muscle cars in general.

Tony was always engaging and helpful and always had time for people, and he shared his great expertise generously.

His drive, together with Tim Holmes, Richard Berry, and Jim Wilson, and supported by his lovely wife Sharon, establish the “Mopar Euronationals”, which became the cornerstone of events for the year.

I can honestly say that for many years our whole family holiday (and to a degree our lives) we organised around those few precious days at Santa Pod. I am sure that many families did the same. In essence, the people at that event became our extended family, and as ever Tony was at the head of the table.

In this world of hyperbole, when everything is “Awesome” and “Fantastic” and “Epic”, superlatives get thrown around all too easily. However, one thing is for sure. The passing of Tony is a seismic event in the Historic car world. The impact he had on the car scene and the influence he wielded will never be seen again on such a scale. He was simply unique, and we are all the better for having him in our midst.

More than that, he was a very compassionate and charming man who carried responsibility in his public and work life with incredible strength and tenacity. I feel honoured to have known him. I offer my sincere condolences to his family for their great loss.

One thing is certainly sure, he succeeded in his quest to bring Chrysler’s heritage to the Masses.

Love and Peace my friend.

Pete Wiseman, Chairman, MMA.


The MMA is offering FREE Membership for a year, following the cessation of the printed club magazine “Connected”. To join the MMA follow this link and simply register on the MMA forum. (If you were recently a member your account should still be in existance and reactivated, in which case you will be able to login with your previous details and not need to re-register).


Everyone has heard of a Dodge Challenger, made famous in “Vanishing Point”, or more recently in “The Fast and Furious” film series. People instantly recognise the Dodge Charger as an Iconic car featured in “that” chase in “Bullitt”, and again driven by those good ol’ boys in the “Dukes of Hazzard”; and later by Vin Diesel. People may have heard of a Plymouth “Roadrunner”, or maybe a Plymouth “Barracuda” or ” ‘Cuda”. They have certainly heard of the legendary Plymouth “Superbird” driven by Richard Petty and stylised in Disney’s “Cars” movie as the “King”. Which Petrol Head has never heard of the infamous “Hemi” engine?

What do these fantastic cars have in common?

Apart from great style, flair and massive performance, they all share the same parentage – they were all built by the Chrysler Corporation. This also included “Chrysler” in its own right as a model line, the great “Letter Series” luxury cars, and also “De Soto”, and “Imperial” cars. Chrysler owned the American Motor Corporation (AMC). It also extends to the “Jeep” brand. Their engines and transmissions have underpinned great brands such as “Bristol”, Jensen”, and “Facel Vega”. Australian variants are highly sought after. They even owned “Rootes” in the United Kingdom.

The one thing that ties all these fantastic brands and cars together is that they are all “MOPARs”!!!

“Mopar” is simply a branding for Chrysler’s Spares and performance tuning components – created from “MOtor PARts”. It’s as simple as that. Even a Hillman “Avenger” is a Mopar! However, what was created was timeless and magical. There is a fanatical following of all things Mopar – especially in the United States, Scandinavia; and in the United Kingdom.

This club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of these wonderful cars (and trucks and vans). Please join the Mopar Muscle Association and become a part of this great family that is bringing Chrysler’s heritage to the masses! You don’t have to own one to be a member.


  • Assistance for the care and restoration of Mopars through a network of experienced members, some of whom are car restoration professionals.
  • Active racing section, many members compete in drag racing, Run What U Brung and full competition.
  • Club meets at major American car events.
  • Monthly area meets covering much of the UK.
  • Fully featured club messageboard with many member-only features.
  • Quality Club Merchandise at reasonable prices.
  • Exclusive Club insurance scheme with Brentacre Insurance.
  • Assistance with DVLA applications. (MMA is registered with the V765 scheme).
  • VIN and fender tag decoding.
  • Vehicle Register providing vehicle history and tracing facility.
  • Discount on parts from several of the UK’s leading American parts suppliers.

Shows and Events

During the course of the year the MMA organises some key events, many other are attended in force by it’s members. Why not join the MMA and join us at some of these events?

Road Runs

It’s always enjoyable getting out and about in your pride and joy and using it for what it was built for, driving. But probably the best time on the open road can be had with like minded enthusiasts.

Race Meetings

Many of the MMA members take their pride and joy to the Drag race tracks and show what these beasts can really do! Come along and watch us, or better still join us and participate!


As a member of the MOPAR Muscle Association you have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from other members, to help and advise on all aspects of owning, driving and maintaining your MOPAR.


If you are hoping to buy a MOPAR, joining the MMA is a great way to find out which is the right car for you and what to watch out for. Also the club forum is often the first place that members advertise their cars for sale… more


Whatever MOPAR you own, or hope to own, it will need maintenance and maybe restoration or repair, depending on what kind of life it has lead… more


Many MMA members race their cars at the UK’s drag strips, and the technical help and advise from other members can be found on the club forum as well as at the track… more

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