Mopars have an illustrious history when it comes to a sporting heritage, they have participated in many types of motor racing.

Mopars are probably most famous (or infamous!) in the field of American “NASCAR” (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing). The notorious “Wing Cars” – the Dodge Charger Daytona and the later Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird were truly ground breaking with their first foray into basic aerodynamics which, when coupled with the legendary “Hemi” engine, made them pretty much unbeatable.  The Daytona was the first car to lap the ovals at over 200 mph. As a result, they were banned after the 1970 season and were consigned to the history books. Some consider this to be NASCAR’s brightest moment.


Another area where Mopars participated, but was probably not their finest hour, was the American “Trans Am” series which kicked off in 1970. It can probably be said that Chrysler did not invest sufficiently to deliver race wins, but nobody can deny that the Dodge Challenger and the Plymouth ‘Cuda that was entered in the series were stunning. These yielded two race homologated versions – the Dodge Challenger T/A and the Plymouth ‘Cuda AAR (for “All American Racers”). Both featured 340 cubic inch Small Block V8’s equipped with the “Six Pack” set up, fast action steering, and funky side exit exhausts.

However, many think that it is the Drag Racing Track that has delivered Mopar its destiny to dominate. Whilst Chrysler participated in Drag Racing for many years, it became known for several key aspects:

The “A” Body Hemi-powered factory race cars, which set the standard for the SS/A classes and their variants.


The Dodge Coronet Super Bee A12 and its sister, the Plymouth Roadrunner A12 performance package was Chrysler’s offering of a factory built race car available (on a VERY limited basis) to the public. Once again, these featured the 440 cubic inch (7.2 litre) engine equipped with Holley six pack carburation.

Finally, the engine itself – the “Elephant”, the mighty “Hemi” engine.
Essentially a cross flow V8, the hemi and its successors still dominate the top premiere Drag Racing scene today. – “Top Fuel”, “Funny Car”, and the Methanol classes with the Hemi at its heart.

Many of the MMA members take their pride and joy to the Drag race tracks and show what these beasts can really do! Some are quick road cars that participate in RWYB (Run What You Brung) or as full race-only cars.

Come along and watch us, or better still join us and participate!


  • Assistance for the care and restoration of Mopars through a network of experienced members, some of whom are car restoration professionals.
  • Active racing section, many members compete in drag racing, Run What U Brung and full competition.
  • Club meets at major American car events.
  • Monthly area meets covering much of the UK.
  • Fully featured club messageboard with many member-only features.
  • Quality Club Merchandise at reasonable prices.
  • Exclusive Club insurance scheme with Brentacre Insurance.
  • Assistance with DVLA applications. (MMA is registered with the V765 scheme).
  • VIN and fender tag decoding.
  • Vehicle Register providing vehicle history and tracing facility.
  • Discount on parts from several of the UK’s leading American parts suppliers.

Shows and Events

During the course of the year the MMA organises some key events, many other are attended in force by it’s members. Why not join the MMA and join us at some of these events?

Road Runs

It’s always enjoyable getting out and about in your pride and joy and using it for what it was built for, driving. But probably the best time on the open road can be had with like minded enthusiasts.

Race Meetings

Many of the MMA members take their pride and joy to the Drag race tracks and show what these beasts can really do! Come along and watch us, or better still join us and participate!


As a member of the MOPAR Muscle Association you have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from other members, to help and advise on all aspects of owning, driving and maintaining your MOPAR.

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