DVLA Vehicle Registration Support Service


The MMA offers a Vehicle Registration Support service. This will be aimed at vehicles greater than 40 years old. For vehicles younger than 40 years old, the MMA can supply contact details for Professional companies that can provide support.

Every Registration case is different, and with many diverse challenges. Often it is more difficult to achieve a successful Registration if there has been a previous engagement with the DVLA and this has resulted in further requests for proof of identity or age.

Therefore, it is very difficult to predict the amount of effort that will be required to obtain the all-important V5c Registration document. On many occasions, it can be achieved with a single letter from a recognised DVLA Authority – such as the MMA.

To reflect these situations, the pricing structure for this service is as follows:

  1. To gather information, perform research and provide initial Supporting letter for Registration (Proof of age component) – £75. This should normally permit the owner to achieve successful Registration where possible.
  2. For each subsequent research and supporting letter to the DVLA – £50 per Letter.

NOTE: The MMA cannot guarantee that Registration will be achieved.

There are many and varied reasons why the DVLA can and will withhold Registration. The MMA will take all reasonable care and due diligence to assist the vehicle owner to a successful conclusion, but this cannot be guaranteed.

All payments will be in advance of the Service, payable via the “Shop” Facility on the MMA Website (click here to visit the shop).

For all Registration Support enquiries please email registrations@moparuk.com initially to discuss your requirements prior to any payment.


  • Does the MMA perform the complete Registration service – submission of the V55/5, etc.?
  • At this stage the MMA does not offer this service due to the high workload involved and the amount of personal data that must be submitted to the DVLA for each application. The Service focusses primarily with assisting with “Proof of age” with the DVLA, as this is the major area of contention with most applications that are rejected.
  • Can the MMA assist with Registration of a vehicle newer than 40 years old?
  • Generally the MMA would not be able to assist with vehicles that fall under this category. However, the knowledge the MMA possesses means that certain modern Chryslers can be entertained. The MMA has a reliable and credible contact that can assist with other marques that are less than 40 years old.
  • Can the MMA guarantee successful registration of my vehicle?
  • The MMA can add significant value in the registration process in terms of Proof of Age. However, the DVLA may have additional concerns about the validity of the vehicle in question that are not related to the age of the vehicle. The MMA can only assist in situations where the age and provenance of the vehicle are clear and can be established. This may not apply to highly modified vehicles with limited history.

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