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Paul Worrow memorial Class at the Mopar Euronats 2016!

Just a reminder that the Euronats team have kindly let the Mopar Muscle Association (MMA) run the Paul Worrow memorial Class race competition at the Nats this year again. This is a special “race” in memory of one of our real (larger than life) characters who sadly passed away. Who can ever forget “Broadsword calling Danny Boy”? Gone, but most certainly not forgotten.This competition is not a race as such, but owners of eligible cars submit their time slips to the MMA Representative, and the winner is calculated. You do not have to race in real time against each other, so it does not impact on track time.

Last year Mick Deakin won the superb trophy (which sadly the winner has to return at the next Nats!!!) and I am not sure if he can defend his trophy this year, so it will be a very open competition.

Speaking of eligibility, here are the rules for the car, written in the spirit in which Paul raced:

Any American car made from 1960 to 1974, Not just Mopars!

Car must be road legal, even if it is trailered to the event.

No tube frame cars.

Front suspension modification limited to bolt on components.

Stock style rear suspension.

No back-halved cars.

No ladder bars or aftermarket 4 links.

Bolt on traction devices allowed. (Caltracs, Slapper Bars, etc).

Wheel tubs and spring relocation allowed.

Engine must use carburettors.

No power adders (blowers, turbos or nitrous).

All other engine modifications allowed.

Any kind of transmission allowed.

Body modifications and fibre glass panels allowed.

Slicks of any size allowed.

Period style race car paint schemes actively encouraged!!

You “Superstock” Guys and Gals should be queuing up for this!!!

Don’t forget to bring your timing slip to the MMA marquee to register your time. Quickest Elapsed Time (ET) Wins!! No proof of timing slip – no prize (well, loan of a fantastic period trophy to polish).

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