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The World Famous “Clash of the “A” Bodies” Classes at the Mopar Euronats 2016!

Just a reminder that the Euronats team have kindly let the Mopar Muscle Association (MMA) run the “Clash of the ”A” Bodies” competitions at the Nats this year again.This competition is not a race as such, but owners of eligible cars submit their time slips to the MMA Representative, and the winner is calculated. You do not have to race in real time against each other, so it does not impact on track time.

Speaking of eligibility, here are the rules for the cars:

…There are NO Rules!!!!

Well, just a couple.

To even things out a bit there are actually Three classes:

1) Commonly known as “/6” – this is open to all 6 cylinder Mopars.

2) Fastest Small Block Mopar (Stroked motors are allowed).

3) Fastest Big Block Mopar (Stroked motors are allowed).

Other than that, anything goes!

Don’t forget to bring your timing slip to the MMA marquee to register your time. Quickest Elapsed Time (ET) Wins!! No proof of timing slip – no prize (well loan of a modest trophy to polish).

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